Stratoliner T-Shirts

Material: This batch of shirts will be Gildan 6.1 Oz. Ultra Cotton. They will be black and printed on the back with the following logo.

Shipping: “Average” shipping costs will be $3.00 for the first shirt and 2.00 for each additional shirt. (This will be subject to increase or decrease depending on how many I can stuff into a shipping envelope. 😉 – and of course will change if you live out of the country.)

Stratoliner T-Shirt
Product Options
#OptionPriceSales TaxStock
1Small$24.00Band 12
2Medium$24.00Band 11
3Large$24.00Band 111
4X-Large$26.00Band 110
5XX-Large$26.00Band 19
6XXX-Large$27.00Band 10
7XL-Tall$27.00Band 10
8XXL-Tall$27.00Band 11
9XXXL-Tall$28.00Band 11
Shipping Rate: A
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23 thoughts on “Stratoliner T-Shirts

  1. Dude,

    You gotta make some with the logo on the front. Vest covers up the back.

  2. Hi. Would it be possible for me to buy the Roadliner shirt with the logo on the front? I really like the shirt…I just want the logo on the front in case I have a jacket on I can unzip or unsnap it and the logo will show. Please?????

    1. Man, I wish I could accomodate you – I really do – but not at this time. You see I have to print in “lots” and there were none in this printing that were done on the front. Sorry.

      Before I printed I took a survey and he majority wanted them on the back so they could be seen while riding. Perhaps I can do a different printing the next time around.


  3. Will you get more of the black xl in? I would love one of those and a medium please.

  4. Would like 2 of the Xlarge when you get them back in stock.


    1. These are ready for order for ordering now!

  5. I could go either way, but I would like to show off the back when I leave em in the dust. I just want a size Large.


    1. These are available now and ready for ordering!

  6. Hay Shep, Just found this Forum and was wondering if you still have the T Shirts? I like it a lot and one of my co-workers would be interested also. I would need a XXLT and a XL. If you still have them or are planning to do some more please let me know.

    1. Welcome!

      Yes I still have shirts. Let me check inventory to see what sizes I have. Give me a couple of days.

      1. Thanks I’ll be here.

        1. Jerry you didn’t specify Roadliner or Stratoliner?

        2. I am assuming Strat on both??

        3. Jerry, if it is Stratoliner, I have bothe shirts. You will be getting my last Stratoliner XXLT (until the next order).

          Just pull up the “store” at the top and place your order and I will get them out to you!

          1. Thanks. Will do.

          2. And Yes both Stratoliners.

          3. The store shows no XL shirts. How can I order one?

          4. Jerry – seems to be a quirk in the system – working on it now. Give me a few minutes..

          5. All fixed Jerry – thanks for your patience!

  7. Shep I’m new to the club but would love a 5xx in a stratoliner if you have one..could do a 6xxx if no fives

    1. Sorry man. Dont have any in those sizes.

  8. How about pocket T’s

    1. Maybe in the next batch..

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